General Information

Dei Fratelli products are distributed primarily in the Midwest, Central and Southeastern states. Our distribution area is expanding daily. Please call us at 1-877-LYCOPENE (592-6736) to find out where you can find the Dei Fratelli products in your area.
Dei Fratelli literally means “of the brothers” in Italian. Hirzel Canning Company, the manufacturer of Dei Fratelli tomato products, is currently operated by the 4th generation of the Hirzel family.

Nutritional Information

Tomatoes are naturally gluten free, so all of our products are gluten free. Even our condensed tomato soup is gluten free, because unlike all other condensed tomato soups, we use rice flour instead of wheat flour.
The vinegar (white distilled) we use in our products is gluten free and certified by our suppliers.
We do not produce organic products for retail distribution under our Dei Fratelli brand. A considerably large portion of our farming operation is Organic. Our manufacturing facilities and farming operation are certified by Global Organic Alliance (GOA). Global Organic Alliance (GOA) is a recognized organic certifier. GOA is accredited by USDA / NOP organic regulations.
Lycopene is the natural pigment giving the red color to tomatoes and some other fruits such as watermelon. Lycopene is the most potent of all the carotenoids for quenching singlet oxygen which is a highly reactive molecule. Recent research suggests that lycopene suppresses the cancer cell growth and prevents cancer cells from dividing. For more information about lycopene, you may either e-mail us at or call us toll-free at 1-877-LYCOPENE.
The majority of Dei Fratelli products do not contain any animal products with some exceptions: a few of our pasta sauces contain cheese. Please read the label carefully to determine if the variety of pasta sauce you select contains cheese. 

In addition, the FDA has set a standard of identity for most of the products that does not permit the use of any animal products. Any deviation from this standard of identity would mean that the product could no longer be categorized nor sold legally under that name.

Product Information

We use vine-ripened Roma style tomatoes that are approved by both our farming and operation groups. All tomato varieties are verified Non-GMO. Our farms follow Good Agricultural Practices and Pesticide Minimization Programs.
Hirzel Canning Company has its own farming operation (Hirzel Farms) located primarily in the northwest Ohio area. Also, we contract with more than 30 tomato growers from local, family farms located in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. To control the quality from seed to fresh packed crop, we supply the tomato plants to the majority of our growers. This helps us to bring you a high quality tomato product that is Non-GMO Verified.
Yes, all Hirzel products are Certified Kosher except some of the varieties of spaghetti and pasta sauces, which have cheese as one of their ingredients. Please look for the Pareve sign on the labels. Additionally, when necessary, we can provide a list of our products that are designated as Kosher. For further questions, please contact us at
Yes, all of our containers are recyclable. However, our carton products can only be recycled where accepted.

Check to find a location near you.

We do not have set expiration dates for our products; however, we have recommended “Best By” dates. The “Best By” date on our products is designed as a guide for retail stores and consumers to assist with proper stock rotation. For more information about this or any other subject, please contact us at 1-877- 592-6736 or via e-mail at
Although the can lining is no longer white, there is still a can lining. However, because of the shift in the canning industry, the white lining is becoming obsolete. Our products have not changed and still have the same great taste and quality. 

Food Safety

We strongly recommend that you store our canned products in a clean glass or plastic container with a lid and place them in the refrigerator for about 3 to 5 days. Moisture from condensation that takes place at refrigeration temperature can cause rust to form on the original can. However, for our products packed in glass, cartons or plastic with re-closable lids, you do not have to transfer the contents into another container. 

Can Lining

We recently began converting our packaging to a BPA Non-Intent can lining. The transition began in the fall of 2015. During this transitional period, just look for the BPA Non-Intent statement near the barcode to be sure. 
The lining of the can was produced without BPA or any Bisphenol compounds intentionally being added.