Rethink the Taste

Every tomato packed into our Truly Tomato! and Truly Veggie! juices comes from local family farmers like the Schultes, Rotherts and Wischmeyers.

Meet The Schulte

Family. Quality. Hard working. Meet the Schulte family farming operation in the rich farmland in Northwest Ohio. Since 1966, Schulte Produce has been working to produce the freshest, vine-ripened tomatoes for the Hirzel family and Dei Fratelli. "We like working with the Hirzel family because you feel as though you are a part of their family and they have a true concern for their growers. You're not just a number ... you're part of their success and they are part of ours," shares Mike Schulte.

Meet The Rothert

Just ten minutes down the road from one of our processing plants, you will find Rothert Farms, Inc. The Rotherts are a fourth generation farming family who shares the commitment to Dei Fratelli freshness and quality. When the warm summer sun has fully ripened the Rotherts’ tomato fields, the tomatoes need not endure a lengthy, bruising ride because of the close proximity to our facility. It’s attention to the details at every step along the Field to Carton journey that makes Dei Fratelli tomato products taste like you picked them straight from your own backyard.

Meet The Wischmeyer

Brothers Joe and Tom Wischmeyer have a rich history of farming together- ever since their childhood days when they would help their father out on the family farm. Nowadays, you can find the Wischmeyers- including Tom’s son, Brian, cultivating the 200 acres of tomato fields. They harvest approximately 6,000 tons of tomatoes for Dei Fratelli each year. "I feel fortunate being able to work with family… I really enjoy planting the tomato plants in the spring and then harvesting a good crop months later," shares Joe.