3 Tips to Start to Master Your Culinary Dreams

A Flavorful Kitchen

culinary dreams

July is Culinary Arts Month! With the help of Dei Fratelli’s tomato-lovin’ chefs, we’ve put together tips to bring you closer to becoming the master chef of your culinary dreams. Check out these three easy cooking tips:

1. Create a Clean Workspace: Create a well-lit, clutter-free prep area in your kitchen that has space for your cutting board, ingredients and a bowl or two. Keep knives close by, and a can opener for easy access to your Dei Fratelli tomatoes. Eating Well Magazine recommends placing a garbage can or compost bin within arm’s reach, which makes it easier to get food scrapes out of the way. Following these tips can help keep you organized, and therefore making cooking a breeze.

2. Stock Up: Don’t let your culinary creativity be stifled by an empty pantry, so stock up on non-perishable goods. Start with any Dei Fratelli’s products, such as our Chili Ready Diced Tomatoes or our Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce! Either of these are fair game and perfect to throw together an easy meal, from. When cooking dinner seems more like a hassle than the delicious escape, Dei Fratelli can help!

3. Learning Curve: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new and exciting dishes, so cook, bake, sautè and grill ’til the cows come home! Practice makes perfect! By exploring our recipes, you can start easy with a simple Busy Bee Salad and move up to Stuffed Peppers. (Psst … they’re easier than they sound!)