Dei Fratelli works with over 30 family growers that are located near one of our three packing facilities. The close proximity to our growers ensures our tomatoes are at their freshest when they arrive to be preserved.

Since we never want to take more from the land than we can give back to it, we work with growers we trust, who practice sustainable farming techniques, just as we do.


This allows us to produce healthy food without compromising the soil, so future generations continue to have use of the land that we have had the opportunity to farm.

Hirzel Farms

Growing tomatoes and cabbage on Hirzel farmland in 1922 where our headquarters stands today is where our story begins, but not where it ends. Hirzel’s farming operation was the first step in the process that led to preserving and canning those tomatoes within the walls of our company both then and now. Today, Lou Kozma Jr., a 4th generation Hirzel family member, is the general manager of the farming operation that follows a sustainability model based on environmental and social responsibilities, including operating a Class II Composting Facility. Through his expertise, our farming operation continues to grow tomatoes for the Dei Fratelli brand while also planting and testing multiple acres of new trial varieties. Hirzel Farms serves as the primary research entity for planting methods and plant nutrition in addition to pursuing automation in both cultivation techniques and harvesting systems.

Schulte Family

Family. Quality. Hard working. Meet the Schulte family farming operation in the rich farmland in Northwest Ohio. Since 1966, Schulte Produce Farms has been working to produce the freshest, vine-ripened tomatoes for the Hirzel family and Dei Fratelli. “We like working with the Hirzel family because you feel as though you are a part of their family and they have a true concern for their growers. You’re not just a number … you’re part of their success and they are part of ours,” shares Mike Schulte.

Rothert Family

Just ten minutes down the road from one of our plants, you will find Rothert Farms, Inc. The Rotherts are a fourth generation farming family who shares the commitment to Dei Fratelli freshness and quality. When the warm summer sun has fully ripened the Rotherts’ tomato fields, the tomatoes need not endure a lengthy, bruising ride because of the close proximity to our facility. It’s attention to the details at every step along the Field to Package journey that makes Dei Fratelli tomato products taste like you picked them straight from your own backyard.