Hirzel Canning Company feeds people. Through quality food, innovation, stewardship of resources and resourcefulness, this family conviction endures.

Core Values

Quality • Innovation
Resourcefulness • Credibility
Stewardship • Growth • Family

Our family is focused on nurturing the culture and values that have been at the core of our success from the very beginning. Carl Hirzel, our founder and great-grandfather, was committed to working with and maintaining the integrity of the soil and preserving the food that it provided. Often this required sacrificing crop yield for long term health and viability of the soil.

Our commitment to future generations is embedded in our daily lives and is shared by our family and employees.

Our company values integrity in our approach with everyone we touch. That is why the Dei Fratelli brand is deeply sincere in our commitment to growing, preserving, and packaging the most flavorful products.

The entire food system, from seed germination to final package, is a meaningful responsibility taken very seriously. The purity, safety, quality, and flavor of our food process is the highest priority within our family business, and we don’t stand alone in our commitment to food production. Our growers share the same values.

Our community neighbors are also part of who we are and continue to be. Seeking opportunities to help those in need within our local communities influences many of our decisions. Many Dei Fratelli employees donate their time and talents to support others and provide for the needs of those around us. To us, it’s not just about the monetary donation, but taking the time to care, share and assist those among us.

We recognize for you to choose to feed your family Dei Fratelli tomato products we must earn your trust. This continues to be motivation to our family, employees, and growers. The care taken to grow and preserve the most flavorful tomato products comes from the heart and is extended to all we serve. For nearly a century, our family of employees have taken great pride in making healthy products for your family’s table. It is our hope that our experience, collective talents and love for producing food shows in the stand-alone quality of our products that makes Dei Fratelli unlike anything available in the marketplace.