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Instead find a corner that you can make your own and use only for writing kamagra super 160 mg with amex trazodone causes erectile dysfunction. In this way you will start to make a psychological link between this place and the act of writing best 160mg kamagra super erectile dysfunction vegan. You will then find that you have a piece of work you can refine and develop, rather than a blank piece of paper. You may falter in your writing due to a lack of information or an unclear plan. Write in short blocks with a specific goal in mind, such as completing a section or writing a summary. You will be fresher in your review when you come back to it at a later stage. It will be at least 20 minutes before you are fully focused on the task. Stop when your writing is going well, not when you are beginning to struggle with it. You will then have something to do immediately at the start of your next session, for instance writing out a list or putting in headings. Try small rewards for your small goals and a very big reward for meeting one of your major goals. First a description of yourself (‘the author’) and second, a description of the book. Description of the author Your publisher will require a brief résumé about yourself and any co-authors. This information will be used by the publisher in any advertis­ ing material and will also appear on the book cover. Details might include: 300 WRITING SKILLS IN PRACTICE ° your full name, title and details of qualifications ° your present job title and place of employment if you want this to be included ° three or four lines of information about you that will be of interest to the reader – this will include any experience or knowledge that qualifies you to write on the subject of your book. Description of the book Try to include: ° the intended readership (for example, undergraduates, postgraduate students, practitioners, specific disciplines) ° the reason for the book (for example, to help deal with changes in the structure of the NHS service, to update clinical knowledge or skills, to meet the growing demand for information by clients) ° the style of the book (for example, easy-to-use handbook, case study format) ° any special characteristics of the book (for example, combines text with video, is in A to Z format, features a CD-ROM). Summary Points ° Decide on the topic, scope, aims, approach and intended readership of your book before you approach a publisher. Include a synopsis of your book that outlines its aims, approach and content. This will include information not only on your book but also on the target market. You will need to plan, research, draft, edit, and prepare your final draft for submission. You will need to respond to these before you can agree a final draft to go forward to the production department. Any edition of a popular newspaper or magazine is likely to carry at least one article on the subject. This is partly due to the fact that people are increas­ ingly interested in finding out how to have a healthy lifestyle. They want to be active in the prevention of ill health, and to know about the illnesses that may already affect them personally. Attention is also focused on the roles and responsibilities of various health professionals. This is reflected in the growing number of ‘day in the life’ type of features. Readers are curious about the tasks facing staff in their everyday working life. They are keen to know about the personal characteristics and professional skills required to deal with often challeng­ ing situations. Writing an article or feature for a newspaper or magazine is one way of ful­ filling the creative urge to write. However, there are also a number of sound professional reasons for getting published in this way. Articles can help to: ° increase the profile of your discipline in the public eye ° raise awareness of a particular condition or disease ° assist in educating the public about a healthy lifestyle ° focus on the causes and manifestations of specific ailments and the treatment options that are available ° provide information on a new treatment or a new type of service 302 ARTICLES FOR THE MEDIA 303 ° provide advice for readers on how to cope with the consequences of specific illnesses and the side effects of treatment ° boost fundraising by featuring a special event ° offer a forum for you to express a personal opinion on a topical issue. Aspects of writing for the media Writing an article for the media differs significantly from writing an aca­ demic paper or journal article. Your readership will have limited knowledge and experience of the topic.

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Think very carefully about whether your chosen topic and method might have an influence on personal safety purchase kamagra super 160 mg mastercard impotence diagnosis code. Thinking about this question will help you to sort out whether the research project you have proposed is possible within your time scale kamagra super 160 mg with amex erectile dysfunction doctors northern va. It will also help you to think more about your par- ticipants, when you need to contact them and whether they will be available at that time. For example, if you want to go into schools and observe classroom practice, you wouldn’t choose to do this research during the sum- mer holiday. It might sound obvious, but I have found 8 / PRACTICAL RESEARCH METHODS some students present a well-written research proposal which, in practical terms, will not work because the par- ticipants will be unavailable during the proposed data collection stage. Once you have thought about these five ‘Ws’, try to sum up your proposed project in one sentence. When you have done this, take it to several people, including your boss and/or tutor, and ask them if it makes sense. If they don’t, ask them to explain their confusion, revise your statement and take it back to them. I can’t overemphasise the importance of this stage of the re- search process. If you get it right now, you will find that the rest of your work should flow smoothly. EXERCISE 1 Have a look at the three projects below and see if you can spot any potential problems. What questions would you ask to make the researchers focus in on their pro- posed project? Statement 1: This research aims to find out what people think about television. HOW TO DEFINE YOUR PROJECT / 9 Statement 2: My project is to do some research into Alz- heimer’s disease, to find out what people do when their relatives have it and what support they can get and how nurses deal with it. Statement 3: We want to find out how many of the local residents are interested in a play scheme for children dur- ing the summer holiday. Points to consider Statement 1: This research aims to find out what people think about television. TV companies already employ market researchers to conduct a great deal of research into public viewing, and they have much larger budgets available to them. There’s little point in repeating re- search if it cannot be improved upon. However, if the researcher has an interest in this parti- cular issue, or is perhaps on a media studies course, there are a number of ways in which this research could become more manageable. The researcher could focus in on a particular type of programme and/or a particu- lar type of person. For example, she could decide to show an Open University programme to potential OU students and find out what they thought about the pro- 10 / PRACTICAL RESEARCH METHODS gramme in a series of focus groups. Or she could choose children’s programming and find out what tea- chers think about the educational value of these pro- grammes. Or she could ask business people what they think about a programme aimed specifically at the busi- ness community. Finally, maybe she could ask fellow students to keep a diary of their television viewing over a week and then interview them about their viewing ha- bits. The researcher needs to decide exactly where her inter- ests lie and focus in on those interests. Statement 2: My project is to do some research into Alz- heimer’s disease, to find out what people do when their relatives have it and what support they can get and how nurses deal with it. The topic itself is more focused as the researcher has mentioned, specifically, the areas he wishes to consider – nurses’ attitudes, carers’ experiences and available support. His topic is immediately more manageable be- cause he is only considering nurses or carers who come into contact with sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease. How- ever, he needs to think about whether he is going to consider hospitals, residential homes, or both, and in what areas. Also, is he going to contact people who look after their relatives at home?

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For the last thirty years of her life generic 160mg kamagra super free shipping erectile dysfunction medications for sale, maybe forty order kamagra super 160 mg mastercard impotence symptoms signs, she rarely ever went out. One day, she weighed over 300 pounds, and she never really tried to do anything. But then the doctor said they couldn’t guarantee me more than fifteen years, and fifty-five is kind of young to get something like that done. Then when I couldn’t get around anymore, it just seemed like the practical thing to do. Campbell patted his right knee; that replacement had worked like a charm. He and Betty planned to return to long walks at the local shopping mall. I got a little bit in the left one, but that’s going to be here until the swelling goes down. The only thing I would advise other people is, when they start having troubles and their leg starts acting up, get it checked out. The left knee replacement had alleviated his pain and restored his ability to walk, but Mike had died a few weeks before my call from an unusually ag- gressive pneumonia. Landau sounded shaken that he could not save this man he had known for fifteen years. People describe weakness, over- Sensations of Walking / 31 whelming fatigue, imbalance, tripping or careening into objects, stubbing toes on tiny bumps and cracks, and having trouble initiating, maintaining, or controlling movement. They have difficulty describing their sensations to loved ones, friends, and physicians. Walter Masterson, in his late fifties, was a business executive flying frequently abroad for ex- hausting negotiations. He disregarded the initial symptoms of amyo- trophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Lou Gehrig’s disease. I started being bothered by the limp in the summer but didn’t go to the doctor until that fall. I would go overseas for two, three, sometimes even four weeks at a time, which meant I was carrying damned near everything I own and running through airports with this massive bag banging against my knee. So I never really thought much about it except that this one didn’t go away. I came in for a variety of torture tests, which were essentially measuring the nerves’ response to being stabbed and jolted. Progres- sively, I had to have braces on one leg and then both legs to help me stand up. Shortly thereafter I got a wheelchair for outside and a tricycle walker for home. Increasing weakness in my legs that has taken me from limping to not being able to walk at all. Lester Goodall, in his mid fifties, had long-standing diabetes requiring insulin. A manager in a Fortune 500 company, Lester’s recreational passion was throwing darts in leagues organized at local pubs. I would pick up my darts and try to get into the right position holding the darts, but I couldn’t. Then I’d stand on the line like you normally do, and the 32 / Sensations of Walking next step lose my balance. I attributed this to my dia- betes acting up, my blood sugar being high because I wasn’t control- ling it like I’m supposed to. It was like someone had taken the contrast on a TV and turned it up as bright as they could, and I couldn’t see the contrasts. So they put me through all of these tests, a vestibular test for the balance, this test, that test. Goodall’s MS started with two characteristic symptoms of the dis- ease—imbalance and difficulties with vision. This combination is especially troubling since vision problems compound the risk of falls.

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This anguish also interferes with our intuition generic 160 mg kamagra super fast delivery impotent rage definition, that sensitive and often accurate inner per- ception of knowing what helps and what hinders us cheap kamagra super 160mg on-line erectile dysfunction questionnaire uk. Checklist to Help Evaluate Your Emotional State • Do you feel that you are the only one in the whole world with this problem? If you answered yes to five or more of these questions, you will benefit greatly from examining your feelings about being sick. Your state of mind can be your strongest ally or your worst enemy in your efforts to cope with your illness. Getting in touch with your thoughts and feelings will help move you along the road to mastering your condition. Know That Your Feelings Are Normal Most people who are plagued by mystery illnesses often wonder if they’ll get over them. Symptom-free, we can focus our full attention and energies on the world around us. But when we’re sympto- matic, we focus inward, distracted from what we know can and should be Understanding Your Feelings About Being Sick 219 done. It’s normal to run the gamut of negative emotions, especially when those in whom you have placed your trust (your doctors and perhaps your friends and family) have abandoned you and your body has betrayed you. The stress can suck you into a downward spiral toward chronic anxi- ety, deep depression, or other serious emotional problems. Although you may have these feelings, the key is to not allow them to take over your life. Acknowledge and Accept Your Illness Janet was a very charismatic, take-charge kind of person. Her personality fit with her job as a television producer but it did not serve her well as a mys- tery malady patient. For the first six months of her mysterious illness, she convinced herself that if she simply pretended it wasn’t there, she could keep control of the situation and maintain the long hours and fast pace of her stressful job. In fact, she ignored her condition until she became too weak and sick to work. Her self-esteem plummeted as she convinced herself that she had failed her boss, the TV station, and herself. If Janet had only acknowledged her condition initially, she might have arranged a less strenuous schedule early on in her illness and made some other accommodations that would have allowed her to take care of herself so she could have continued working. Unfortunately, Janet is not atypical of those who are very motivated and successful because they know how to “make things happen. Living with a mystery illness and the losses it may bring means we have to acknowledge that we have no con- trol. And this unpleasant truth may be as difficult to acknowledge as the pain or other symptoms we suffer from. But loss is simply part of life and like others who might lose a parent, a job, or a leg, we have to learn to accept our situation as part of life. We also need to do it in a way that is helpful rather than harmful to us and those around us. Thus, the first step toward receiving help is acknowledging and 220 Living with Your Mystery Malady understanding the truth about your illness. Finding and Maintaining Hope While it’s normal to feel discouraged about your ongoing symptoms and even angry that your doctors haven’t helped you, sinking into hopelessness is the worst thing you can do. Hope is your best friend and strongest supporter in the quest to find a diagnosis and cure. The most important thing you can do to maintain your hope is to remember that very important three-letter word: yet. A diagnosis and cure for your condition is not known yet, but it may be found tomorrow, the day after, or perhaps a year from now. If your hope dwindles, it will be difficult for you to keep on searching for the answers. Being powerless over having a mystery illness does not mean that you are powerless about your attitude toward it. Pessimism makes it difficult to do the work of looking for the cause of your mysterious symptoms and try- ing to live a satisfying life in the meantime.

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